David Enna, I-Bonds / TIPS writer, now says TIPS outpace I-Bonds (for now)

Dave is a retired guy who is beholden to no special interest, he just loves TIPS and I-BONDS. Now he’s thinking TIPS have the edge, because they’ve gotten trashed in the marketplace, and are now at a good price, where they beat I-BONDS. Read his article, and I subscribe to his email newsletter, which is free, and he doesn’t try to sell any “product”… except US Government bonds.

I suspect a lot of the folks buying TIPS may get an income tax surprise.

Well, as they say, never let the tax tail wag the investment dog

How would a fund like VTIP work in this scenario? It is a $62 Billion ETF. I would have it in my IRA.

Not familiar with VTIP but STIP is a short duration TIP ETF, and TIP is long duration. Both will work but if you want to be sure of what you get at maturity, buy and hold actual Tips bonds.