Is Anyone Using Gold IRA’s?

Is anyone on the forum doing Gold IRAs? If so, what’s your logic for using them?

I sure hope not:

Deleted post…

I bought physical gold within a Roth IRA in 2018 at the $1300 level and now it’s $1932. My CAGR is about 7.5% (Compounded Annual Growth Rate). It has been “meh” so far… however, I do think it might make a price move upward for all of the usual reasons (which haven’t manifested yet)… decline in real interest rates as the economy cools and the Fed stops its super aggressive tightening, reversal of the US Dollar, eroding confidence in the US and the Dollar (Fitch). If that spike happens, I’ll sell into it and probably won’t be back with that asset class. Because if there is another strong move up, everyone will chase it, and it will be the wrong time to be buying.

What I think is possible or even likely is this price move upward comes at the same time as the equity markets rolling over, so then I’d take profits in gold, and redeploy into stocks, which I think could become “less popular” in a few years.