I received $35.97 as a participant in the Plaid Class Action Settlement

This wasn’t a scam, the money got PayPal’d to me last week. Not a scam but probably too late to enter.

I don’t usually take part in class-action lawsuits… here’s why:

Are you sure your name and contact information is, and will remain, confidential?

Aren’t legal matters that come before a court, by law, open to anyone who asks to see them?

If the answer is yes, then you could end on the mailing lists of some bad actors.

I never worry about that anymore… because they got it ALL in the Equifax breach.

Years ago, I think it was the Leo LaPorte show, a class action suit was mentioned by him about the Starkist lawsuit. If you had purchased their tuna in a certain date range, you could get some portion of the lawsuit proceeds. I signed up for it because I did buy their product and thought what the heck. I did not hear about it after that. Then one day I was checking my PayPal and their was a deposit with the class action share I received. It was around $4 or something. Took them a few years to get that money to me. I was never notified about the payment. Thought it was strange how they sent it to me after years going by. PayPal does not retain transactions past 2 years on their site so I am not sure of the dates. Funny thing is, Big Tuna is still having lawsuits to this day about price-fixing and underfilling the 5 ounce cans.