We each got $61.08 checks for Yahoo! data breach settlement

This was our compensation for Yahoo!'s “customer no service” experience years ago. My wife and I both got checks for $61.08, total $122.16 for our family, for the Yahoo! Data Breach Settlement.

We’re waiting for the T-Mobile Data Breach Settlement payment. Could be next to nothing, I hope it’s at least worth lunch or dinner out.

Nice. I don’t think I submitted for that one. My wife just got $622 in the mail today from a contact lens class-action suit. The excitement disappeared when I realized that we’ve probably overpaid for contacts by at least 2x that amount. It’s like a tax refund in that regard.

I have not seen the Yahoo check; maybe I didn’t apply?

However, I did get 2 large checks in the Kona Coffee settlement and a third one is expected soon. Numerous large companys ended up settling and have changed their procedures and labeling. Our checks were large because the companys knew or should have known they were selling a cheap imitation compared to the real thing. Unlike Yahoo, we had only had less than 1000 farmers asking for relief.