Paypal Fiascos Recently

I won’t make a long post about all the steps I had to go through, but twice this month I have seen two Paypal transfers that were redicously involved just to pay someone money.

I used my Paypal to transfer $17,000 to a friend for medical expenses. That transfer ended up requiring 3 or more calls to Paypal and 2 weeks to finally settle. We ended up making multiple smaller transactions and waiting fort the bank to accept it. It involved me having to set up a separate Paypal account, verify a new checking account not already used by the other Paypal account and verify a small transaction they added.

MySister was paying a guy $12,000 for a truck.That transaction has taken almost a week and we are still waiting. The truck owner has already left the island and his wife leaves tomorrow. They are having to leave the truck with a friend who will release it once the money settles in that guys Paypal. God forbid he has to try to send it to his bank, but he says he will release the truck to us when his Paypal shows a balance.

A posting I read from many years ago talked about people having their funds in Paypal frozen for 6 months!

I will never use Paypal again to transfer money to people.

Is there a reason that you did not write a check or do an ACH Transfer?

I am not a fan of PayPal!

We both had Paypal and had not had issues before. It should have been painless. Customer Rep seemed to not have ability to investigate or fix things.

Hindsight is that ACH or even a check would have been better.

In my Sisters case, she transfered $300 to the seller and he got it right away. He asked for the rest the same way. Then the problems began. In that case, because of a weeken AND a state holiday here, complicated and slowed things.