Which Fees Are a Total Waste of Your Hard-Earned Money?

Paying unnecessary fees is just frivolous: a bad habit you need to kick if you want to develop a successful, sustainable money routine. What fees are you paying frequently?

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It really pays to be obsessive about monitoring all accts. Some time back, my B/A checking was billed $12 for “uncollected interest.”

I called B/A and after drilling down their miserable robot menus, finally got a live person. I was about to rant when the rep quickly said, “That was a mistake. I’ll credit it now.”

“Okay, but why was it there?”

“That was our computer’s entry. I have no power over it.”


How do you buy tickets to sporting events without paying a service charge?

Ok so let me also fill u in on another thing with PayPal. So, they flagged me because my mom and I sent money back and forth all the time which is nothing new. Well, I log in one day to find out my accounts was suspended, being held for 6 months, yes no error months, and I had over $6000 in there! So, I clean for some attorneys and they called to find out what was going on. Apparently when my clients were paying me to be cleaned they weren’t using business but installed friends and family. Now if you know about PayPal you don’t know how someone pays you and if someway you can find out I didn’t know. I also, never thought anything was off because I still had fees coming off each time I received money and i didn’t they did. Anyways PayPal tells the attorney I’m some kind of mastermind fraudster and knew what I was doing. The attorney look at me and mouths sorry before asking them if they were idiots thinking I was actually smart enough to come up with a way to defraud a billion dollar company? Yep that’s why the sorry, but I let him keep on until he threatened to take the law offices account away also which I’m sure is no small amount with at least 8 attorneys. He told me all that and one other mind blowing thing when he got off the phone. They aren’t fdic regulated so they don’t have to follow normal banking laws. On top of that $5000 of that I just got in for the child credit for my daughter, and I’m a single mom, they said too bad! I worked my butt off to get my business where it is and I’m the sole provider plus at the time I was going through my second bout of cancer. I needed that money because we were struggling at that time too but instead I had to deal. I wish I could Sue the pants off them!

I can safely say that I pay Zero out of 13 !!

Me neither