Paypal Cash Back Mastercard Punishes Frequent Payers

I subscribed to this card after researching on Today (Oct 26) I noticed that a payment I’d made on Oct 24 had come out of my bank account and not been applied to my Paypal balance. I pay frequently, just to smooth things out paycheck to paycheck. I’ve never had this happen before, but understand there’s always a lag and maybe it was just a little longer this time. I called customer service and they told me that they’d placed a 15-day hold on the payment because of my record of frequent payments. They could not tell me what triggers this, as it has never happened before. I asked for a written copy of the terms and conditions that govern this practice and they directed me to the standard credit card terms and conditions which did not in any way address this issue. So, the money is no longer in my checking account and it will not be applied to my credit card balance until Nov. 9, and they cannot provide me with the trigger(s) that cause such a hold to happen. So, if you like to make frequent payments to your credit card, beware of this card. I will be moving back to Amex, as they never punished me for frequent payment in 20+ years.

PayPal is ticking off customers a lot lately. I have a PayPal account. Considering canceling mine. I don’t know if I will need to use it ever again. PayPal also owns Venmo apparently.

Not a big fan of PayPal.

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For the most part Paypal has outlived its usefulness.
At the beginning of ebay, the sellers were mostly individuals who were not equipped to accept credit cards.

Today most ebay sellers are businesses that are equipped to accept credit cards. Given the choice between Paypal and a CC, I will take the Credit card EVERY TIME!

I will go to amazon first and if unsuccessful try ebay.

A friend was an ebay seller. He dealt mainly in collectables.
He talked about the pressure to set up an “ebay store” which had monthly fees attached.

This seemed to change the nature of the ebay seller.
Also does anyone still “bid”? Seems it is mainly “Buy it Now” which also seems to change the audience… and makes ebay just another web site selling stuff.

Meg Whitman knew when to get out.

I might use Ebay to buy a book every now and then. The whole enforcement of a 1099 being sent to the IRS if sales exceed $600/year was a final straw for me. I don’t have receipts for the stuff I bought a decade ago to prove my cost basis if I sell it on Ebay.