Macy's Credit Card

A few months ago, after making a small (approximately $25) purchase on my Macy’s credit card, I received the bill, the payment for which was due on the 26th. I paid it through my Bank of America account on the 21st. When I received the next month’s bill, it did not show that the previous month’s amount had been paid and included a late fee of $30. I called customer service–Macy’s cards apparently are now serviced by Citi Cards–and was told my payment was received on the 27th, a day after the due date. They agreed to remove the late charge.

The next time I received a Macy’s bill, I paid it in full just about immediately, around the 10th of the month. I was surprised when I received a bill for $2. I called and was told that interest starts accruing on the day the bill is sent out. I told them I had never heard of being charged interest when the bill has been paid in full. They agreed to remove the $2 fee.

The next time I received a bill from Macy’s, I paid it through the bank on the 15th. It was due on the 26th. The next bill did not reflect my payment and contained a late charge of $30. I called and was told my payment had arrived on the 27th, again 1 day after it was due. I found it a bit of a coincidence that the payment again arrived 1 day after it was due, which was 12 days after I had paid it through the bank. They agreed to remove the late fee but “warned” me they would not remove a late fee again.

I do not know for sure that any dishonesty has taken place on the part of Macy’s/Citi Cards, but enough has happened to prompt a decision not to use my Macy’s care again.

Not only not use it, but close it altogether.

Since you say that the Macy’s cards are now serviced by Citi, have you by chance not updated some pertinent info on your bill pay? For example, a new account number? Not unlikely a payment with inaccurate info will make its way through the system for awhile but very likely will be delayed by the process.

No. No information was updated.

Rafnlake, does your Macy’s Card have an American Express logo on it?

It does not.