Costco Citi Visa charges

I recently closed a checking account that was used for auto pay. I set up autopay to cover the minimum because I sometimes forget to pay manually. Even when I pay on the app. Citi takes the pre-arranged minimun no matter what. That does not bother me. What does bother me is that I was charge a return check fee because the account was closed. When I called customer service and explained what happened. He basically said we charge for returned checks(virtual) even from closed accounts. It appears it is my responsibility to go to the Citi app and delete that closed checking account. I am used to getting emails from creditors when there is a problem getting their money. It seems Citi has found another way to make money off of fools like me. This education cost me $30. Hope this might help other people who use the Citi Costco Visa

What’s worse is that Cox charges the same fee when they attempt unsuccessfully to charge a credit card, even if they customer gets the email and updates with a new card the same day. They did remove the charge, but I had to call them about it. Then I canceled service a couple of months later when another internet provider came to town.

I’ve been a Citi customer for 30 years. If Citi did that to me, and refused to reverse it, I’d close my accounts (all of them) on the spot. Even though I would not cancel my Costco membership.

I had a somewhat similar issue. I had stock dividends automatically sent to my bank. I had closed the account and opened a credit union account.

Months later I got a statement from the bank that they were charging me insufficient funds. Turns out that when the dividend hit the closed account, they reopened it and deposited the amount. Then, since my balance was low, they hit me with fees and so on.

I went in and complained to the Manager. He said it was not their fault because the money had to be put somewhere. I told them in no uncertain terms that since I was not a customer of theirs, they STOLE that money and I would go to the State Banking Commissioner about it. They said they had no way to refuse the transfer and I said TOUGH! I also threw Clarks name at them and suggested I would also let him know. (The bank was in the Atlanta area where Clark lived at the time).

Magically, the account was closed, they removed my name and contact info and returned my meager dividend to me. I also made sure than no other deposits would head to that bank.