Amazon charged my credit card that was not authorized, Charge back?

Be very careful with your Amazon Pay. Do not put cards on there more than you need to. I purchased $50 Amazon gift card, and charged my Visa Debit gift card on file (A debit card is nothing but trouble so I want to change it to an Amazon gift card.)
That night , the purchase went through fine, shown as the changed to Visa debit as I wanted. The next day, it turned out Amazon had problems charging Visa Gift and took it upon itself and charge to my Amazon Credit card stored under Amazon Pay without my permission, warning, or care. Amazon had the nerve to tell me the Gift card could not be returned, even though I did not activate it.
What are the nerves these people think? What’s next?, send you junk and take money out from your credit card.
My Visa Debit was fine, I bought more gift cards at Costco instead w/o any problem.
I should not have $50 bill to pay when I was not authorized, can I charge back?

You don’t have to “activate” Amazon gift cards purchased online. If they sold you an Amazon gift card, you have an Amazon gift card. You just need to find the number and apply it to your Amazon account. Then you can use it for future purchases. If you don’t want them charging other payment methods, you need to remove them from your account.

I don’t know if this is Amazon policy but when I worked retail, you could NOT purchase a gift card using another gift card! A gift card can be purchased with cash or credit card only.

It’s a Visa debit card ( given to me as a gift) I did buy a second $25 Amazon gift card right after the $50 one ( same night) from, which went through as I expected.

Do not know that is common knowledge that is OK for Amazon to have access to any of my payment methods for their personal gain. I will dispute payment on Amazon Credit card anyway.

Good luck!

Basically, I bought an Amazon gift card with Visa gift card but Amazon charged another credit card on file w/o my permission and won’t do a return. In case we all confused.
Finally, I got $50 refunded as I wanted. This is how I managed at this point in time 1. Call during the day, and most likely you will get the US. rep. 2. called a different rep. different day (daytime) if you get the hard nose rep. That doesn’t give a crap. I finally got the young one who still wants to please customers ( be reasonable and be nice). Also on your payment page (Amazon pays) go to settings and turn off “no payment switching” That way they can’t get $$ from another card.