Stuck with a Visa Gift Card

I received a gift card that was purchased at Publix and tried using it for the first time at a local store. The purchase was denied using the card as a debit. Tried using it as a credit and it was denied once again. I ultimately made the purchase using my credit card. The next day I tried going online armed with the info on the card and got no place fast. I tried calling the issuing company and after providing the requested information there is no record of the card and the call was ended. No way of speaking with a human. I went to Publix customer service counter and explained the issue and was told there is really nothing they can do about it. They filled out some form on the computer and sent it to some department within Publix and I should hear something back from them in a few weeks. What recourse do I have if Publix can not do anything about it? Am I out the $25.00? Who else can I contact to report this issue?

Does the purchaser have the receipt for the purchase-- to match your gift card to what was purchased?

When I give a gift card, I also give the receipt, just in case of such problems.
I stay away from the Visa/MC/Amex gift cards, plus they have extra fees tacked onto them.

I once won a gift card to a sub shop at a fundraiser auction. The gift card had $0 on it – either the person had used it, or they had never purchased it in the first place. It would have helped to have the receipt to show whether it was valid.
At least it was for a good cause…!

Hi, I have the receipt and know the person who gave me the gift card. It was purchased at Publix Hickory Flat. I did go back there with the card and receipt in hand. Unfortunately, they can not do anything about it. It is really out of their hands. So for now I’m stuck with a worthless $25.00 Visa gift card. No luck either online or calling the issuing company. All you get is voice prompts to enter the card info and your zip code. The response was the card was not recognized and the call ended! I am not able to check the balance which should be $25.00 as it was never used. It was purchased the same day it was given to me. I won’t tell the person who gave it to me what happened. Besides, she won’t be able to do any better than I can so why aggravate her?

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When I worked at Target, this happened sometimes, mostly with the Visa/MC/Amex cards in higher denominations. Scammers can tamper with the card and get the number and activation code. When it is activated (by you) they then clean it out. Not sure if that’s what happened to you here.

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I don’t know if that’s the case with this card. I am not able to access any information about it so I have no idea if it was tampered with or not! There are no activation instructions on the card. I assumed it was activated when purchased at the store. When I went online there were no instructions for activation either.

If you shop at amazon you can buy an amazon gift card for the exact amount of the visa gift card ($25 in your case) & send it to yourself via email. When amazon sends you the link to your amazon gift card just click on it & it will attach to your account.

I just did this with a $120 visa gift card that was a rebate for purchasing auto parts at my dealership.

That’s one way to use the gift card anyway.

Thanks but what does that have to do with the Visa gift card that I have that is no good?

You are right, it has nothing to do with it. I was working on the assumption that there may still be funds on the card & you needed a way to spend them. My apologies.

No problem, good idea but not in my case. Have a great day!