Using a one-time debit card with a small balance

I received a debit card in the amount of $5.79 in a settlement in a lithium battery suit.

My first thought was to use it at Amazon, but it looks as though you cannot split credit/debit cards there.

I tried adding it to Paypal so I could transfer the balance to my checking account but Paypal wants to make a small debit and have me report the amount and code. Since I don’t have access to an actual account associated with this card, I don’t know an easy way to verify that code.

How is the best or easiest way to use this. I have to manually enter the card number, expiration and code.

Yse, I know there are some merchants who allow split payments on cards, etc, but I don’t really use any of them.

I received a commission check from IBM once for 92 cents. It was printed on a 92-column punch card, complete with the punched data. I framed it and hung it on the wall of my office.

I’m hoping that some day it’ll be worth more than 92 cents. Maybe you could use your $5.79 debit card for a purchase and document the rejection, then frame them both for an office or den wall decoration.

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I often use these and other gift cards (non Amazon) to pay down utility bills. At least for me, I can make partial payments on my utilities. So, I just make a payment for the amount of the gift card, then allow the auto pay to make up the difference. If the balance of the GC is higher than a bill, I just do this for other utilities until the balance on the GC is zero.

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That worked with my water company. Thanks. I had to be careful as some of my utilities, insurance payments, leasehold payments and so on, have a convenience charge for online payments. I know, but because they appear to use external billing companys, they get away with that. The water company does not.

Something to watch for, but none of my utilities charge a “convenience” fee for using a CC or DC.

You can use it to buy an Amazon gift card online from Amazon which will be emailed to you. Then just redeem the gift card and your account will have a credit for $5.79. Easy.

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Can you use it at a gas pump? If so, buy $5.79 worth of gas.

Similar to the egift card suggestion, on Amazon you can reload that amount to the default gift card that each Amazon account has. Once that amount has been added to the gift card balance, it will (can?) be applied to future Amazon purchases. You can split payment for purchases between a credit card and your default gift card balance.

I use them at the grocery store. They allow you to use multiple debit cards, gift cards, and finally a credit card to pay for a single transaction at Publix.

Grocery stores seem to be the easiest place to split payments on cards.

Note that my issue was that I did not have an actual card just a piece of paper with the CC number, expiration date and CVV code. I have not seen grocery terminals which allowed you to actually key in a card number, etc. So although answers here are correct and useful for others, I was able to use it at an online utility for payment. Thnaks for the ideas.

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I got a debit card from ATT in lieu of them sending me a check for the amount of time they did not provide me with service. Clark said that they do this because they expect breakage for the small amounts people can’t use in the end. The debit card said I could transfer the amount to my bank but when I tried, they just kept canceling the transaction. I heard on the show that someone simply transferred their balance to their Amazon account online. This is not a gift card that you must redeem. I believe gift cards are only offered in certain increments. Instead, you can transfer any [odd] amount you want to your account and it will be automatically used yo offset a portion of your next purchase.

So why don’t you call the Law Firm and ask how they used their Debit card for millions?
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buy one thing at store for 6 bucks and theyll say pay 21 cents

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hold the card and one thing in hand use it, then do the other items with cash etc

had same problem at amazon. maybe at a walmart store? I used mine at a gas station.

you can buy yourself a gift card at Amazon for that odd amount.

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I did that with the remaining $19 and some odd cents from a debit ATT sent me instead of a check [their set-in-stone policy]. The debit card instructions said I could transfer the balance to an account but when I did it, the debit company reversed the transfer, so I bought a gift card from Amazon.