ABC7 News Bay Area: "Californians reluctant to cash in their inflation-relief debit cards: Here's why"

On his podcast, Clark Howard should mention the privacy concerns brought up in this video:


Interesting [and scary] Thanks

Since the debit card was issued by California, can we call this card Newsom Bucks?

I wish they would have just mailed a check out, it’s hard to get the last $10 of $350 out of an ATM. Spent about an extra 20 minutes and patience transferring it to my checking account.

Why not use the entire debit card to pay rent or your mortgage or some other large payment? One shot and the debit card is gone.


I xferred mine five minutes after opening the envelope.

Considering this was created in Cal but issued from a bank in NY, I was pleasantly surprised it was so simple.

I don’t understand why some would be reluctant to use the card. That is what they SHOULD do…