Target - Purchased apple Gift card

Question: Reading in my local NEXTDOOR app on someone who bought a apple gift card at Target and found out afterwards scammers had already used it, Target refuses to refund. Would you win in a small claims case against Target proving they sold you a useless card based on the time stamp on the receipt and when the card was emptied, curious.


Don’t the gift cards come with a scratch off PIN number? Not sure how scammers could get that unless part of the gift card was used and some kind of hacking happened.
Doubt you could sue Target because the chain of custody was out of their hands – did someone access the card after it was purchased?

Don’t assume what you read on Nextdoor is true. I also don’t see how this could happen so it could be someone trying to pull off a scam. Or a family member emptied it.

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They indicated with in 15 min before they arrived home the card had been emptied. Indicated Target says a 3rd party is handles the authorizations and not their problem. If this is above board then I would guess third party is compromised somehow watching for purchases, or even a robot of some type that cycles through all cards (or series of numbers) picking up ones recently authorized, only guessing here. Yes a lot of scams on next door…Cheers and thanks!