I just received an Amazon package at my home for someone who doesn't live here and never did

How does that happen?! Is the the beginning of a elaborate phishing scam? Like I open the box, find contact information for the buyer, contact them, then I get scammed?

I hope it’s gold coins or something. After 30 days, I’m going to open this box.

Assuming you have an Amazon acct, check if anything was charged to you.

One scam that could be involved is that the scammer has the package delivered to you house and then picks it up off your porch before you get home.

In this case you might have beat them to it.

As Robert says check your Amazon account to see if there is an unauthorized charge there.

Also, deal with Amazon only on the return.

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YES! I got a fraudulent charge from Amazon, but the purchase did not appear in my Amazon account, and the card which was defrauded is not in my Amazon wallet.

OH… someone ordered stuff with my card on their Amazon account, and they wanted to porch-pirate off of my front steps?

I beat them to it. I was low-value stuff anyway… the Amazon person asked me to check the contents.

I don’t know if the two events are related. Maybe. It’s just weird.

  1. Police report.
  2. Challenge charge with CC giving them a copy of the PR.
  3. Get an out side camera.

Strange, but certainly possible…

In order to review something as a verified purchaser, the product has to be delivered. The “buyer” will probably be reviewing those items you paid for and that came to your house.

Just in case you aren’t already skeptical of Amazon reviews.


You’re lucky this is obviously the first time. I order from Amazon every day and sometimes more than once a day. I constantly have my packages either sent to a neighbor in a large community who informs me a day or two later or never receive my order at all. Since most subscribe to Prime, they get free delivering every order despite the price of the order plus pay less than at the store. The delivery people are rushed and running from place to place. There is no scam going on. If the person who ordered the item contacts Amazon they are told to wait at least 24 hours to see if it gets to them. If not they are to request a refund or ask to resend their order. I once ordered an expensive watch and complained I did not receive it. Amazon sent another. A few days later I received it from a neighbor and told asked Amazon if I should return it. They told me to keep it at no cost.

I don’t know if there is a dollar value, or size, or whatever, to determine returns. But I’ve had a few returns, and in three cases, Amazon said just keep it.

More: I also think long time customers are more apt to be told, “keep it”.

Same here. I’ve been told to keep it several times. I’ve had nothing but great service and value with Amazon.

The package was addressed to my home ! It was delivered correctly, but the person listed is unknown to me. I built the house so doubtful it was the prior occupant. The land was prairie prior so maybe “Mr Prairie Dogg” would be plausible but it wasn’t him.

Brushing Scam

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The package was not addressed to me

Good info and video. thnx

Clark discussed this in his email newsletter… it’s called “brushing”. @ratbert2k you were right.

Amazon Scam Warning: Beware of Deliveries You Didn’t Order (clark.com)

Although it was more than likely ‘brushing’ it could be that someone mistakenly entered your address rather than the correct one. In the case of the Post Office, I see people being told that they have misaddressed items (RD instead of DR) E or W, etc. In my case I get letters in my PO for people who may have had the box 23 years ago before I got it, but no packages. We have lots of temporary people here (well, they are always people but I think you know what I mean). People staying at places for a few weeks or longer who receive packages but have the address wrong because they are unfamiliar with the area.

I once sent a Priority Mail package to a customer and it was refused at the address. I had incorrectly listed the two letter state abreviation but let the website offer its correction. Other than the 2 letetr state and the zip (now corrected by USPS) the page went to someone with the same address in a different state.

As I remember the most common place names in the U.S.are Franklin, Clinton, Washington and Springfirld and the most common steet names in order atr Main, 2nd, 1st and Third. I would think RR (Rural Route) may also be common.

Yeah, in case probably brushing.

FWIW, there are tons of misdeliveries in my neighborhood. Sometimes it’s the obvious mail in the next door neighbor’s box, but all to frequently it is more. I routinely get mail to a neighbor who lives a quarter of a mile away, but has the same address number, but different street. Sometimes a house with a south address is delivered to a home with an east address, close, but not next door or a street name mixup. Fortunately, we are a fairly close knit neighborhood, but it is very annoying.