Do you have the Amazon credit card and is it worth it?

Who wouldn’t love 5% back on everything they buy from Amazon!?

That’s what the no-annual-fee Amazon credit card offers to Prime subscribers.

And now is a great time to talk about the Amazon Prime Visa credit card.

Amazon’s Prime Day is coming up on Tuesday, July 16 and Wednesday, July 17, and there’s a pretty solid promotional offer for the credit card to coincide with it.


From June 27 through July 24, Prime members can get a $200 Amazon Gift Card instantly upon approval for Prime Visa.


So, as new people consider applying for the rewards card, I think it’s as good a time as ever to lean on the opinion of Clark Community members who have experience with the card.

We all know that it offers 5% back on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases if you’re a Prime member, which is a great return.

But some other things I’m wondering about:

  • Is this card one dimensional? Or do you use it to spend in some of the other cash back categories like dining?
  • This card has no foreign transaction fees. Is it one you’re carrying in your wallet on international trips?
  • How often are you able to take advantage of the Prime member only offers than can net you 10% back or more on some items?
  • Are there any other perks or drawbacks to this card that you wish someone had told you about before you applied?

I’m interested to see how everyone likes this card. It’s a popular one!


To me it’s just another credit card. I use it only for Amazon and nothing else.

I shop at Amazon, but I’m not what Bezos wants – to shop everyday for everything on Amazon. I look elsewhere first.

I’ve been reading “The Everything Wars” and am evaluating how I want to use/not use Amazon. They have destroyed other businesses deliberately, not fairly. They have stolen technology from smaller companies – pretending that Amazon was interested, then outright stealing from them b/c a smaller company can’t out-legal Amazon.

But the card – it’s just another card, 5% back on Amazon, nothing special.

I don’t even carry it. It’s my default Amazon card and I use it with Apple Pay on the rare occasion I shop at Whole Foods. 5% cash back is worth it

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To me it is pretty much one dimensional. Rewards outside of Amazon are not attractive.

Then, the card is issued by Chase and I am not too happy with them.

Interesting fact: My card is titanium! Makes a bigger Thud when you plop it on the table to buy people’s supper. Bragging rights, I guess. But if you drop it in your shredder, you will be buying a new shredder!


If you end Prime membership does the 5% Amazon discount this card offers also end?

This is one of those Phil Donahue, “what’s not to like?” options. We purchase quite a bit from Amazon and the 5% probably covers a good portion of the Prime yearly fee. But feel free to disagree.

I have it but I only use it for Amazon purchases. I only have it for the free shipping. I was thinking abut not renewing it but ran a spreadsheet on my purchases that would have charged me shipping and it came out that it was slightly cheaper to keep the card

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That is mostly my experience too. Occasionally the card will offer a special promotion which I will take advantage of. I remember once a few years ago when they gave 4% cash back on all purchases for a few months. Needless to say, I was putting almost everything on that card during that time.

Either way, the card has no annual fee and you get 5% cash back with a Prime membership and 3% without Prime. If you purchase enough from Amazon it is worth having.

I have never understood Amazon’s reason for having that metallic card. It makes it rather difficult to dispose of when it has expired.

I seem to remember that the bank sent a mailer to return the metal card when it expired.

I use it for Amazon only . But just got an email offer for 5 percent on Gas Groceries and Restaurants (I had to activate) Good until Sept 30 or $1500 . So I will use it for those items too now. I get this offer about twice a year. I have a Discover card offering 5% on Walmart and grocery Stores right now too so the Amazon I will use on Gas and restaurants and Discover groceries and Walmart this will help from going over the $1500 cap on each . It’s all about how you play the game and make sure you pay off monthly. Also If you shop Amazon alot just that in itself is worth it.