Grocery Cash Back

I get 5% back from grocery purchases on Verizon Visa, which I apply to my monthly Verizon phone and internet bill, cutting it by $20-$30 most months. I grocery shop mostly at Kroger, but the offer applies to other grocery stores.

That’s good if there’s no fee, and if you’re using Verizon anyway. However, Verizon is one of the most expensive phone carriers. My family pays less for three lines than it would cost me for one line at Verizon.

I personally use Amex Blue Cash Preferred, with a $95 annual fee and 6% back at grocery stores. I’ve used the Blue Cash regular before, with no fee but only 3% back.

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If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you might consider their Prime Rewards credit card. It gives 5% back on food items and many other things. It’s especially good it you’re the type that doesn’t carry a balance.

Yes, we are Prime and we use our Amazon Visa for everything we buy on it. I’ll have to check the percent back, I think it’s 5%, and it has upped our cash back game this past year. In fact, it’s been CH’s emails that helped me make some positive changes with cash back and savings interest rates. Thanks for your suggestions.

Yes, there is no fee, which was something I was looking for. My remote work made me hold on to Verizon, which I considered to be a higher quality network, particularly since I need to use hotspots for work internet. However, now that I’m retired, I can think about less expensive networks, and then changing my cash back card for groceries. Thanks for your suggestions.

Visible is owned by Verizon and uses the Verizon network for $30/mo. Two of our lines are through them.

I buy Amazon gift cards at Kroger. 6% cash back plus fuel points.

But I don’t actually buy all that much from Amazon. It’s easy to blow past the max cash back on Amex Blue Cash with groceries and Amazon gift cards.