Amazon Credit Card

The only down to the Amazon Credit Card is that Chase will not send bills to BofA through Bill Pay. I have to go online, find out my balance and then enter it in manually to BA billpay. Bit of a pain, but the card is worth it because of rewards. Since Covid, I use Amazon a lot!

I’ve had a Chase card for years, and ages ago, went into my Chase acct and set up autopay from B/A. Have not accessed my Chase acct for years. No need.

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Hello, I don’t care for Amazon Visa as they don’t indicate what you have purchased. Does anyone have an issue with that? Thanks for your help.

Not exactly sure what you mean. Are you saying that you want your credit card statement to show individual items purchased at Amazon?

No they only indicate the amount spent. You have to check on Amazon, under orders, to see if the amount is correct and what was ordered. I only use the card for Amazon purchases.

Just like investments and banking, I check my Amazon account all the time.

I did the same thing, plus I turned on notifications when a transaction or a payment is made. It’s been great, and so far, no errors. (I use the Amazon card only for Amazon – nothing else).

Nancy, Where do you turn on notifications?

I log into my Amazon Chase card website, then go to “Profile and Settings”.
There is an option for Security, then Alerts.
From there, you select the alerts you want – Purchase limits, payment due, payment posted, where card is used, etc.
You can also select whether you get a text or email alert.

I have set up text and/or email alerts on all of my credit cards. It’s very handy to be notified when there is activity on my credit cards.

Thank you so much for that information. I hesitate using Amazon/Chase Visa because they did not show what I had purchased. Of course, you can track that on Amazon, as others have said.
I appreciate your speedy response.
Betty B.

I use my Amazon card ONLY for Amazon purchases – nothing else.
So when I make a purchase, I expect a notification (sometimes 2 if they split the order and ship in parts).

The only credit cards I have that give any clue as lo what was purchased are store cards. The major credit cards just tell me where I made the purchase.

No cards that I have ever had show WHAT you purchased.
I just know that if I bought something from Amazon or Target, that a notification will show up for the amount. It is not an invoice.
The same with Visa/MC – I get a notification that I spent $x which should match what I spent.

The only places I see invoices or itemized items is on receipts, or Amazon website (under “orders”), or in Target’s phone app.

I think you might be expecting too much from a notification!

Actually the Macy’s Amex lists the Macy’s purchases on the statement. I’m not sure if it does it with non Macy’s purchases because it only gets used at Macy’s. It’ll say something like Comfort shoes - Skechers or Housewares - Oxo bowl set, etc.