Forgot to use VCC and now can't kill the CC charge

Bought some vitamin based pills off Amazon and they used my Chase CC. This has been no problem for many years, but when checking out, I must have missed the cleverly hidden “one time or ongoing” purchase option.

Sure enough, they come every month and I can’t kill it…! There is no real dispute option on the Chase site that fits me. Nothing on Amazon to “un-subscribe” that purchase.

The shipping label shows a POB so no way to contact seller.

If you can’t contact the seller, Chase appears helpless to dispute this.

I am SOOOO mad at myself for not using my Citi one time VCC…

MORE: back traced their shippin addy and found facebook has dozens of BBB filed compaints over this scam company. They have a history of this so called Chase CC Fraud division, and the wonderful rep cancelled it all.

In case you need it: CHASE Credit card Fraud (personal)

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Others with a similar issue may want to contact the CC company deny the charge and when asked, tell them that you cannot stop the shipment nor contact the seller.

Certainly Amazon knew who the contact is.

I had a somewhat similar issue with a provider and the contact was a ‘sales group’, but I was able to return the costly shipment and remove the charges.

Could not find any way to do that online. But the call worked

I put cat food on the automatic order deal but it was often out of stock or delayed so I stopped it. I cancelled it, but it was not as straightforward as one might have hoped. Even when I was on the page, it looked more like skipping an order than cancelling. I’m still not sure how I stumbled upon it.

I’ve shopped amazon forever, and NEVER fall for that sneaky page where you order one, or a lifetime supply I could not believe I made that mistake, but then looked at the filed BBB complaints. It seems this scam company sends unwanted things to anyone who’s bought there

Yes, it happens a lot. The sure way to stop this is: Cancel your Amazon account. Then cancel your Chase credit card. It works every time.