How to cancel Amazon auto subscriptions

I buy waaaaay too much stuff on Amazon. I must have accidentally clicked the top option to buy [which is a subscription] vs the lower option which is one time purchase.

Got an email today from Amazon that my “subscription” will be billed tomorrow and shipped. Huh? What subscription?

Luckily, within that email there is a link to “Manage Your Delivery”. Clicked that and found a way to cancel the delivery and subscription.

There is also a warning this must be done by Friday, or I’ll get billed and a delivery. So, pay attention to emails from Amazon.

I had a bad experience after buying an Amazon Kindle and the several subscriptions that came with it that I didn’t know about. Ended up returning the Kindle and then a couple of months later started seeing charges from Amazon on my CC for these subscriptions. It took several chats with Amazon to resolve. Got so tired of it I just don’t buy that much from Amazon anymore.

Yes, fixing it “after” the fact is a pain.

The key is to avoid them. Amazon is quite expert at disguising the purchase and checkout page. The easiest button to click is the rather vague one that generates a subscription.

Below or above that one, is a very small button for “one time purchase” Not always easy to spot.

Be careful with that. There are a lot of scammers using Amazon subscription as phishing scams.

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Good comment / caution…