Online banks - delay in money transfers

so. Like other people, I wanted to move some of my money to a higher paying interest rate Money Market. I picked Discover. Just so you know there is a big lag in the time request to transfer and funds available. In my case, I started transfer July 19 and funds will not be available (if I wanted access) on August 2, 2022.

I have no answer, but my xfers take a couple business days. Don’t know why yours took so long

That’s pretty standard everywhere for a new account.
Even at brick and mortar banks.

14 days? [now minimum is 10 characters?[

I thought I might be out of date. so I did a search and it says the norm is 9 days on a new account; but remember that those are nine business days, that can obviously total up to 14 days as evidenced by Tony’s post.

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If your ultimate goal is to earn more interest, never fear! You’ll earn interest from day your account is credited, even before the hold is lifted.

There must be a holdup for a new account with the transfer destination bank. An ACH transfer only takes 2 days normally.

Hi fuzzbutt, great to see a name from the past. Do you have a PenFed account? I can’t remember who introduced them to me years ago on the old, old board.

I had some money at Penfed. Went to move it and had problems setting up new external account. Once I did, my other account (from where I pay my PF CC) disappeared. Apparently they now only allow ONE external account?

Yes I still have a Penfed account and have added Penfed’s new premium savings.

My notes say that “linking” is now available. I’ve managed to fumble through and accomplish whatever I’ve needed. Rules may different when it involves the primary account vs the premium account.

Bottom line: I don’t really know.

Thanks. I get different stories from them every time I talk to them. I tried to transfer some $ out of my premium account and it took several tries as it didn’t tell me the maximum until after I put in too much. And, then when I went to pay my CC, I found my other external account was removed. Now I am told only 1 external account. Crazy.