Vanguard problems

I am so disappointed with Vanguard. They have changed their format, it is difficult to see where my transactions are going. I was trying to mov money for a vehicle purchase, I needed verification of the transaction. I called and was on hold for an hour. How much headache is moving Funds to Fidelity?

Are you trying to use the app or a web browser? The website is clunky at best now but I’ve never had any issues moving money to an associated bank account or looking at a confirmation.

If using a web browser once you log on click on activity then confirmations.

They have a new CEO that started this July that came from outside the company. This is the first time they have brought someone in from outside. I’m interested in seeing how things go.

I received the confirmation. However, it did not indicate where the money was going. I was pretty sure I did it correctly and that it was to go to my bank. I needed an assurance that it was going to the right place.

I always found Vanguard Website very easy to use compared to Fidelity.

Can’t you check with your bank, online or a phone call?

It was time sensitive and $$ had not arrived yet. My real question is how difficult is it to move money from one entity to another.

The time lag appears to be in your bank acknowledging receipt of the funds.

Banks make money on uncommitted overnight funds.

I see similar issue when buying Treasury bills on Vanguard. The money “disappears” from my account for a day or two -ie- net account value shows a reduced value due to earmarked money going to T-bills.

The only way I patch together transaction status sometimes is looking at the pending orders link. I think Fidelity has a better set-up IMHO. Less clicking around and scrolling of pages to find what you are looking for. I’ve stopped adding to my IRA at Vanguard at this point and just add the money to my Fidelity IRA. If Vanguard gets with the program some day, I might advocate them more.