Fidelity Account w/Vanguard Products

I’m considering moving my Vanguard investment products over to a Fidelity account. Their service appears to be superior to Vanguard’s. The Fidelity representative claims there’s no additional cost to do so.

Anyone here have opinions about that idea?

I decided a few years back to merge all my vanguard money into my fidelity account because i didn’t like how unhelpful and slow they were settling my mom’s estate. Fidelity was quick and helpful and Vanguard was slow and wanted to hang onto the money. I have different Vanguard mutual funds in my fidelity brokerage account and as long as I don’t purchase more then there are no extra fees and I believe there are no extra fees to sell off any of it. I hope I kind of helped.

Fidelity account with Vanguard products may be the best of both worlds. I have seen threads on other sites from individuals who switched to Fidelity. Vanguard is not suffering: there continue to be large inflows to Vanguard funds despite the customer service issues.

Thanks for the input, it’s always good to get info based on experience.

It’s looking more and more that way to me too … :neutral_face:

What I should of said was that there is a transaction fee to purchase non fidelity funds like vanguard and it will show up before you were to finalize the transaction s as I you could cancel if you feel the fee is too high. No fee to sell or just hold non fidelity funds.

Yup… that’s what I got from your 1st post…thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Also… the guy from Fidelity told me today that Vanguard paid Fidelity a fee to sell Vanguard products. If I pursue the thing I’ll ask about additional Vanguard product purchases from my Fidelity account.

i have VG and have zero representative, yet on my Schwab account I have great representative. I feel very comfortable if i can touch base every couple of months. If Fidelity offers the same, I would not hesitate, and since VG also is associated with Blackrock in the housing scandal, I am thinking of moving from VG.

Just for the heck of it I went onto my Fidelity and went through the process of buying $250 of the Vanguard Index 500 fund and there would be a $75 commission fee I would have to pay for also. Of course I cancelled the transaction, maybe this helps you.

We moved our Vanguard accounts to Fidelity for a different reason. We had some stocks held in both accounts. When dividends were issued and reinvested, I noticed that Vanguard almost always used a higher cost than Fidelity or TD Ameritrade. That was costing us money plus the Fidelity reps were always very helpful.

PS If you do move and you have a charge levied against your account because of the move, and if you send Fidelity proof of the charge, they will refund it.

I wanted to minimize the number of accounts I had. I sold many of the funds I had with Vanguard and moved them to similar funds with Fidelity. I had one remaining item at Vanguard and was reluctant to sell it due to a large tax liability. My adviser at Fidelity explained that the Vanguard fund could be moved to Fidelity. The adviser did everything for me, and the fund is now at Fidelity. There was no tax liability. I think there was a small fee charged for the transfer, but I thought it was worth it to simplify things. I still have an account at Vanguard. I think they refer to me as a zero-balance customer.