Anyone use Vanguard Online account access?

I am not liking their new interface. It seems to be full of bugs especially in the area of personal performance when applying filters.

As an example, I have had a taxable account for more than 5 years. The share class has always been Admiral not that that matters, it will only display 1 year of performance returns yet total purchases and withdrawals seem to be the correct 5 year total.

I called and was told to use Chrome or Safari as a browser. I don’t have Chrome loaded and really don’t want to add yet another browser to this WIN10 pc. I don’t find a way to use the up to date Safari browser on a Win pc I only have it on an iphone where it is to small to display enough simultaneous info.

I am using Firefox but have the same issue with Edge. Anyone one else having issues with the VG interface?

Every time they update the interface, it gets worse. I’m not ready to move because of it (and in fact can’t move everything because they manage my 401k), but I’m not happy with their developers.

Fidelity developers are idiots too

It would appear they have out-sourced the developing and have very little insight and supervision of what the developers are doing during the process.

Instead of evaluating the work product at certain benchmarks along the way it looks like they contracted for a given price with a deadline and got a bill of goods dumped in their lap. We clients are left trying to figure out the ill functioning website.

I am not impressed with Mr. Buckley, If it is indeed outsourced they need to form an internal team of developers, pull the plug on outsourcing and bring it in house or at least use their own developers to monitor the contractor. How disgusted would Jack be.