Have consumers been somewhat mislead about inflation?

Interesting article, your thoughts…

Only the ones who watch the news.

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Apparently there are enough wealthy people to keep buying at these high prices. This really hurts the rest of us who cannot pay these high prices. I don’t feel we have been mislead it’s just that there is nothing we can do about it since those who can pay don’t care about those who cannot. There is no more middle class, The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the poor are now growing faster than the rich and the divide is even bigger than ever now, Just look at all those homeless people we all see everyday asking for handouts. It would be nice if the rich learned to sacrifice for humanity to bring things into balance but that my friends will never ever happen.

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I’ll assume that if the price for something, anything, is in the ballpark that you can afford that you will refrain from purchasing it because you care about the ones that still cannot afford it at that price.

Ya, right…

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Lol. I stopped reading there.

Does higher taxes lead to less income inequality?

If you need something, you pay the price. If you want something, you consider whether it is worth the price, whether it is likely to decrease as inflation comes under cotrol or not, and then decide. Examples: toilet paper, eggs, building materials to finish a project vs a new appliance when the old one still works, new shoes just because, building materials to begin a project…

Yep that’s what I said it is never going to happen!

It’s about supply and demand. Are consumers too passive? I think that they are. But unfortunately, many consumers just don’t use good judgement. They’re too swayed by fashion, bling, being popular/liked, and their own egos. Look at the obsession with trucks & SUVs today. Most people don’t need these types of vehicles, and in fact, they tend to be overpriced to buy and expensive to operate. But people are buying them in droves, shooting themselves in the foot in the process, often paying $50k+ when decent new cars can be bought for under $20k. Too many are sabotaging themselves. People need to stop giving into their whims and turn on their brains.


I think the experience of going through the COVID pandemic softened up the buying public to the extent they were more willing to accept higher prices.

And, as a seller, if you are moving all your stuff at higher prices, why change?

We evaluate our economy with science and numbers, but it is driven by very human needs and wants.

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Yes, unless its something you truly need! You can even get sock’s at a non profeit pantry nothing wrong with recycling! In the 70s I remember my Mother boycotting the price of tomatoes & its not that we couldn’ t afford it, cuz my Father was furious saying I make enough Money to have tomatoes in my salad! So ya its not the point if you allow the price gouging your part of the problem!

Needs and wants are 2 different things! I need a car because someone had to force their oversized truck next to me! What do I want? Just a safe car that has heat & AC to last me 20yrs, I weigh what is absolutely needed not something that will cause me physical illness wondering what happens if a tornado hits my apartment & I have to live in a motel for a couple of months! So I will only buy what I really really need & I don’t need a 400$ payment!

Why change? Do you feel okay with yourself? Deep down

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Nope, drugs alter you’re ability to care about what is right and what is wrong! So check yourself at the door!

Then what do the following statements mean?


Those statements make no sense to me. Care to explain them?

Added: Maybe the poster is fooling around witha buggy AI app… :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t speak jive?