My Twigby Experience

Signed up for Twigby about two weeks ago based on the review here.

Customer service was quick and generally accurate although I ended up having to utilize the online chat service frequently. As noted in the review there is no phone customer service. I found that while this worked well it gets tedious.

I planned on bringing my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S22, and port my number. Ordered the sim card via standard shipping method and received it in about 3 days. My first mistake was to start the process on Friday evening.

The sim card was not seen by the phone although the Ting card worked fine. Twigby had already ported my number and my option at that point was to let them “rush” a new sim card. Support advised me that it would still likely be 3-5 days for a new card and I couldn’t be without that number for that many days. I decided to port my number back to Ting but due to the weekend I was told it might be Monday until it would be available since the team that handles that doesn’t work on the weekend. They do still port numbers on the weekend but apparently, it’s handled by one supervisor who handles those on a first come first served basis. They did get my number ported back to Ting on Saturday so that worked as well as I could hope.

They did send the new sim card and I received it on the following Thursday which would have left me without service for nearly a week. I assumed that I could still call out via Wi-Fi but learned that doesn’t work if your phone isn’t registered with a carrier for some reason. Google voice wouldn’t work nor WhatsApp although Facebook messenger did.

In the end I’ve decided to stay with Ting since the difference in cost would be a very few dollars at best per month and I have VZ service through them.

If I had it to do over, I would have let them assign a new number and then I would have been able to use my Ting sim card until they sent a replacement. I could have ported the number later.

Don’t know how many times bad sim cards happen since It’s never happened to me before and I had not heard of it happening.

I’m a fan of and have gotten lots of useful information here.