Visible Cell service experience!

They should switch their name to “Boat Anchor!” Why? They customer service is horrible. They would rather turn your phone into a boat anchor than send you a SIM card that works. I’ve requested a new SIM card since August, 2022, but they never followed through until I got a “termination” letter via snail mail 2 weeks ago. I filled out numerous customer service surveys exactly what the issue was & what needed to happen to correct it. The surveys were only a formality. Never read not acted upon. Fianlly I got a snail mail letter last week. It basically stated Visible is upgrading your network notice or you’ll no longer have coverage. HEY, VISIBLE! I’m waiting on YOU since the last year!

The customer service experience was horrible. I had to beg via chat to get a new SIM card on 5/18/2023 overnighted, which did not come until 4 days later. It is the 4th day & I am still waiting for it. I had to be without a cell phone for 4 days. I explained to them I needed a working SIM card immediately. It repeatedly fell on deaf ears! I explained to them over & over again, “it is a work phone! I need to connect me with my customers, boss, warehouse, etc.” They did NOT care at all. Explain that to my customers and clients, I pleaded! No luck! There is customer service is horrid! Do NOT use this company at all! If you do, you’re NOT ONLY asking for trouble. You’ll welcome it with open arms! Guaranteed!!

I had no problems with them. I was able to do the e-sim, which was very easy. Upgraded my phone thru them as well…also with no problem.

Your experience…NOT MINE! BTW it took 5 days for them to send a working SIM card.