Visible "Network Upgrade"

Visible has been bugging me to complete my “required network upgrade.”

#1. Anyone have reliable information about this? Have seen some people mentioning that Visible is moving from the “old servers and legacy core” to the New Verizon servers and core. Some online posts indicate the “upgrade” has resulted in performance degradation.

#2. The upgrade tool tells me my phone (Moto G Stylus 5G < 1 year old) is not compatible. I checked and Verizon says my phone is compatible with their network. They will give me $10 for my phone as a trade in :slight_smile:

I don’t have Visible right now. I was going to switch a couple of months ago when the had their 15 off 12 promotion, but my phone Moto G Stylus 5G came up incompatible also so I didn’t want to switch & risk losing my number.

They have their own branded/locked version of this phone in the 6/128g that is compatible, but the 8/256g which I bought a couple of months ago was unlocked & not compatible go figure. Try chatting with cust service.

There are good threads on reddit about your situation you can find searching google. Try Howard Forums too. From what I’ve read you will have to update eventually & I’ve also seen threads where some people had these phones working on Visible regardless of what the tool checker said.

UPDATE: per some other online suggestions I proceeded with the upgrade. I confirmed that my phone was compatible with the verizon network. When going through the upgrade I entered that I had an iPhone13 (which does not require a IMEI check) and that triggered Visible to send me a new SIM card.

Got the SIM delivered, put in in my phone (that their IMEI checker says is not compatible) and used the Visible app to activate. SIM registered, rebooted phone and everything works just fine now.

Data speed is much faster for me at nearly 50mbps down and 20 up.