Experience with US Mobile?

Hi, newbie here.

I saw this post on the home page today and was curious if anyone’s had good experiences with US mobile? Pretty interested in the ‘shareable data plan.’

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I switched to US Mobile from Republic Wireless in Aug 2023. I don’t use the shareable plan, but I suggest checking on Reddit – someone there probably has experience with it.

I like US Mobile. The plans listed on the website were a little confusing to me-- I find the website layout hard to follow, but I figured it out. I had an issue initially setting up the “pool” they have, but their customer service via chat or phone was excellent and everything has worked fine.

I don’t use lots of data. I’m on the Warp 5G plan (Verizon), with 1 GB data/month + unlimited talk/text for $10/month, and I can buy more data if/when needed. Their other plan uses T-Mobile – they sent me 2 SIM cards and I could choose which one I wanted, and if I want to switch, I have the other SIM card.

The only issue I have, and it’s not a US Mobile problem, is that my phone on Verizon can’t do Visual Voicemail, and I don’t get notifications (Moto gPower 2022). So I have to note if I missed a call (I get a notification for that), then dial in to VM. But I don’t get tons of VM, so I make it work by paying attention! Apparently this is a Verizon issue with my particular phone model.
So when you ask about US Mobile, also reference the phone you have (or will have) to be sure it will get whatever service is important to you (VM, WiFi calling, etc).

I have a second spare/emergency phone on Tello, with 1GB and 100 minutes talk, unlimited text for $6/month. If I renew early, the data and minutes roll over an accumulate. Tello is on T-Mobile, and their plans are very flexible and exactly what I wanted for a spare phone. And I have each phone on a different network, in case I’m in a new area and one signal is weak.

I’ve been happy with US Mobile. Check Reddit for more feedback!

We have been using US Mobile for a couple years now, also switched from Republic. We have four separate lines with no limits totaling just under $95 per month. We had trouble porting one of the lines from Republic and had to endure Republic’s customer no service. Our communication with US Republic via chat and phone was very good. Have not had any issues since. We use our phones for phone calls, texting, email and reading news. We do not watch movies, etc. The service has been great and we recommend US Mobile to anyone wanting to spend less on phone service.

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