US Mobile Shared data and 30 Day Trial FREE + $500 in prepaid cards

Thinking of switching from Xfinity mobile $18 1GB share plan for 2 iPhones($18) to US Mobile 2GB share plan for 2 iPhones for $18 with all taxes and fees.
US Mobile is currently running a prepaid credit card promotion
Any experience with this free prepaid card offer and 2GB shared data plan? The terms seem a little confusing. Thanks

I recently changed from Mintmobile to US Mobile for 3 reasons. 1) Primarily because US Mobile plans (both the verizon and t-mobile carrier plans) offer prioritize data (as opposed to most other mvnos that offer deprioritized data…meaning they slow WAAAYYY down during busy periods). 2) I saw many good reviews on the customer service at US Mobile, and 3) The price to value relationship was very good for their service.

I considered the data plan, but ended up going with the unlimited talk, text, and 10 Gb data plan for $180 for the year. The $500 bonus is actually $50/line transferred to US Mobile (up to 10 lines). You have to keep the line active for 1 year to receive the bonus.

The best way to make the change is to take advantage of the 30 day free trial, and then near the end of that period sign up for one of their plans. I chose the 10Gb plan because it meets my data needs at a great monthly cost ($15/mo). I’ve read forums where others prefer the shared data plans for a family, but it would have been more expensive for my needs.