Is Visible Worth It?

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Great article however, there is no speed cap on 4g LTE. Yes, there is a cap on 5g limited to 200mbps but I regularly get 100+ on 4g LTE.

First, visible makes up there money by accessing your privacy. You have NO privacy with visible. If you order their phone, they put the “Work App” on your phone, where they have access to everything, and you can’t remove it or change it.
It is a horrible service. Not worth the savings if you ask 90% of the people put there.
Also, customer service is bad. They don’t address issues. And when they can’t help you, they tell you someone will call you… which is a total lie. They have, as stated in the article, no phone customer service.
IF you do decide to use their service, I advise NOT TO USE THEIR PHONES.
The speed is also unacceptable, as this was the reason for me first contacting customer service. Literally I had apps that would not even access because the service was so slow.
And these weren’t heavy apps either. McDonalds, weather, email, etc…
If you have ANY concern for your privacy, stay away…

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Michael Grove, where are you getting 100+?
I’ve consistently got less than 1. The most on a speed test I’ve done is 12.8 on their Samsung S20 FE, and in the month I’ve had it I’ve probably done 40 speed tests. The Verizon link is literally on my home page.

The BBB has removed visible from their site? I went their to file my complaint and you can no longer find the service on their site?? There’s a link to it in DuckDuckGo, but it takes you to “404 page not found”.
Everything about this service is disdainful.

I’ve had service with visible for over a year now have signed up my mom and Friends. I use my phone heavily for work and play and I have a USB tether to a Wi-Fi router in my house and that’s my internet as well which works out if you’re single I have saved well over a thousand dollars on service and I’m happier with it than I have been with anything else I’ve had previously I started out with MetroPCS I’ve used T-Mobile Verizon H2O mint AT&t Sprint and I’ve had crappy customer service with all of them or they’ve gone up on their rates or like Sprint always shoving in hidden fee hidden fee hidden fee I’ve used spectrum FiOS AT&t Verizon for home internet and I’ve always been disappointed with them as well AT&t advertised high-speed internet but would not update my apartment building near downtown Dallas so I would only get maximum three and a half to four megabits a second and that was it I never notice my speed slowing down the phone’s the same every time I use it doesn’t matter if it’s 3:00 in the morning on a Monday or rush hour traffic it always responds the same I brought my own phone and then switch to another phone that I had two months ago I lost that phone in just now bought a new 5G phone from visible for $150 and that’s what I’m doing now this is the first thing that I’ve done on it I got it this afternoon that’s how happy I am with their customer service who helped me through this last mess of losing my phone and they’re there 24/7 and you’re going to get a person even though that person might be behind the screen
You know it’s not a robot and it’s a person that really cares I told them when I signed off my last chat two days ago that I love them I love them I love them. I don’t even like my friends that much.

Yep, it’s totally worth it. I switched last fall and it has saved our family a TON of money! To have a phone bill for the entire year with unlimited data and tethering for just $300 is amazing. Actually, scratch that; they gave me a $50 Mastercard gift card for switching and my first month was $5, so my cost this year is $230. It’s incredibly liberating having unlimited service on Verizon’s network. It has been incredible to be able to both save money while getting more data. I didn’t switch over earlier because I didn’t have 3 other people to get service for $25/month. I didn’t realize that you can join other groups (they call it party pay) to get the discount. The groups have no size limit either and each member is billed separately. If you want to try it out, you can get your first month of service for $5 by entering 33RJ86J at checkout.