Is Visible Worth It?

This review, especially the claim that the author reached customer service (chat) within a few minutes, must have been written years ago, when that WAS true.

With little issues, like changing to the new plan (where their web site information was lacking), i had to wait over an hour to get to someone who could not answer the fairly simple question). Not the first time.

This review makes me question all plan reviews by the author and this site.

Didn’t realize the review I read wasn’t current. Lots of the prices, features are the same. A family member was trying to help me out with my Satellite TV taking away all the stations and doubling my automatic payments while I wasn’t even using TV, and my Awfu, Awful, Verizon device Mi-Fi for my computer use. He had been using Visible for 2 years for $15. streaming tv with Firestick, spending the day on line Facebook ,Amazon,etc. He ordered me a phone off their website to be used for my HotSpot to stream TV and use. puter. I got the phone 11-25-22 spent HOURS online with tech support about activation. I NEVER had to activate a phone before. I am handicapped and was ordering this for WIFI which I had to have to activate the phone. 2 days in the public library with help from more knowledgable folks trying to follow instructions for activation. The problem was Google took over immediately and wouldnt let me download the Visible app. anyone who Hates Google taking ownership of your computer knows what I mean. I finally paid for service and should get signal within 12 hours!! I didnt - talked to typist in china again. Had me messs with phone never could get a signal. He was sending new Sim card I would have in 2 days. Never came. Put phone in box in different room to see if that made a difference. When I checked it there was a full WIFI signal originating from my Computer devce and a 2 bar signal from Visiblle. I turned off my MIFI and all signals to the phone disappeared but I found out the number had been changed without a SIM card. Would have been nice to know. I read Clarks review and for fun put my IMEI number in and said NOT COMPATIBLE. Then it says I can Swap my phone or Trade it in!!! I thought I would ask Clark if he wanted to handle that for me. The IMPORTANT thing that hasn’t been said is My Bank told me they were on a watch list for All Banks…They verified mine then sent a request for NOTHING and said my account woudnt work. Bank said what they are doing to their customers is NOT doing an auto bill when they are supposed to and then cancel their service iimmediately… I am here with desktop I have been using for streaming TV, and a new Smart ANDROID TV that Google has claimed already and cant log into (who wants to log into a TV AND google every time they get on??) I used about 133 GB in 30 days. The fine print at the bottom of after you paid Visible said max 5 gbps with a cap of something ridiculous for using it as a hotspot, and it can only be used on ONE device. My TV is my only contact with semi-reality and on most of the time. I do email, shopping, a lot of searching during commercials but if TV could work I wouldn’t use too much on computer. I need whatever it takes to stream (have a Fire Stick?) but what I am finding for Internet for wi fi is going to be $300/month for what I need. Talked to verizon and they said they cant help me?? I would like my money back for this phone they sold me to NOT work with their service and the $30 (should have been 10 with the buddy deal). The old customers seem to be happy because they aren’t being defrauded and they can use all the wi fi they want without being cut off. Tethering is - plz I am 67 years old. I like smart things not android. I like googe search and nothing else about them. I dont understand but I am going to get an antenna that says t wil get up to 300 miles. I dont understand all this. It is too much. Take EDGE off my computer so I can log into my accounts. Destsroy Androids. Then teli me how to get devices run like Vista where I knew where files were and I knew WHAT they were. HELP ME WITH VISIBLE. I would swap this phone in if they woud have it activated as a hotspot only with no androd on it and a signal good enough to stream HD.

Dissatisfied!! I switched to Visible in November. Service was ok until March 1. I had no phone, text or voicemail. I tried all of the “fixes”. I spent hours on Messenger and they just said to wait they were “working on it”. After getting no assistance I canceled Visible and went back to Verizon.
Of course they refuse to refund any of my $90 I paid for 2 lines of service :rage::rage::rage:

I’ve had Visible for several months with zero issues. I will admit that activation of an existing phone can be a little tricky. I have a background in IT so it was a bit easier, but still confusing. But it’s been great fo me… A month ago, I replaced the flooring in the den, which is where my Google fiber connection and modem are, so I was without internet for a while. But I turned on the hotspot on my phone and was able to stream anything I wanted.

I have been with Visible for about 3 yrs now and while there not perfect they aer well worth it, in my opinion if you can deal with a few downers, like: 1. No customer service via phone call or store, only chat and sometimes it takes a LONG TIME waiting in line to get a live rep. 2. Im now on their 5G plan and hotspot speed is great, when on 4G LTE it was pretty good, well over 5Mps! The bummer is you can connect only ONE DEVICE AT A TIME! PERIOD. But that hasn’t been that big a deal for me. 3. Getting started for the very first time can be a big hassel! Be sure and read the requirements carefully and repeatedly and be sure you are ready because if you get out of step it CAN turn into a nightmare! 4. Their cheap “exchange phones” are crap-ola! As are the real low end ones! Otherwise the rest of the phones available are reasonably priced and if you use their finance deal “Affirm” you can get a really good phone with easy terms! So…
Are they perfect? Not even close. But for the money i say they are as good as anyone! And im not afraid to recommend them as i do often!

Horrible support. First they lost my wife’s phone number she had for 12 years during the port. Service worked great till March 2023, then they “upgraded” the service. Since then WIFI calling is not even an option under settings. After spending a week and countless hours on their useless chat system, they keep telling me to click on WIFI calling. I have told them on every session thet that is not even shown in settings anymore, and they just keep coming back with the click on WIFI response, even after escalating it three times. I really believe the support is just a chat bot that has canned responses. I really wanted to like Visible for the lo cost, but if you value your time or sanity, just run from this company.

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Tried to sign up for Visible and migrate our 3 lines from another carrier. NOPE, CANT DO THAT!

You have to sign up each line and user separately with separate accounts, with the “excuse” that it’s a prepaid service. Sorry, that doesn’t work with me, not going to manage multiple accounts and I know lots of families with kids that won’t do it either.

Team Clark, you should review account setup and management in your articles perhaps? (apologies if I missed it.)

I’ve been running my household on Visible for about three years.
It’s been OK, but they played a game of loss leader the first two months. They have always throttled hotspots to 5M/sec, but I can live with that. LTE on the phones can get congested as Visible is the marketer for Verizon’s excess bandwidth.
I’d been evaluating it carefully as my wireless options were limited and there’s no copper or fibre available. What’s left? DISH, Hughesnet, and bouncing microwave off a neighbor’s house. The first year I ran Hughesnet. Expensive and greatly congested. Those billion-dollar communication sats B 'spensive. Hughesnet was great ten years ago, but in the meantime, they’ve greatly oversold their capacity.
Visible appeared to be offering full LTE, but it would slow down, I’d call, they’d fiddle and it would resume full speed. I had enough signal for data on my back deck. After two months, I picked up a high-end directional antenna & transceiver. It’s great as long as you are within range of its secondary antennas.
AT&T has since moved into range. It’s more expensive than Verizon.
I’ve reached breakeven on the antenna & transceiver system. Visible has announced they will be discontinuing all 4G LTE service and expects everyone to move to 5G. No ETA, not even a WAG. I picked up a 5G to beat the stampede of last-minute shoppers.

I’ve been with visible for about 2 years now. The phones are stupid expensive, usually $50 to hundreds cheaper on other services. But, and this is my favorite part, even though the data may be a bit slower than most - What other phone service from anybody , will let you use totally usable data, enough speed to watch anything streaming and even share the hot spot, and stack up month to month usage in excess of 275GB?, and all that data for only $25 a month? (I was saving $15 a month with party pay). I’ll tell ya where you can burn that kind of data… No where!! Everybody throttles you down to 2G which is not usable.
But, and this is a sad day, visible is changing all their good , to bad. It’s moving to a new frequency or network, whatever. And the prices are going up and there is only one POS entry phone. So unfortunately it looks like visible may fall the way of Bud Light and the Doo Doo bird. I’m gonna give it a month, and if my mega GB usage is history, so will be my usage of Visible. I will let you all know what happens next month

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I had a couple of issues with my phone and/or visible. It was handled thru an online chat, but I did leave with kind of a bad taste in my mouth. Then, I got a phone call FROM them wanting to talk about my problem and give me more information. So there IS indirect telephone support.

Love you Clark, I joined the community here just to confirm all the negative comments here about Visible. It’s great cheap service, WHEN AND IF IT WORKS. And when it doesn’t (and that will happen) you will get sucked into a vortex of customer service hell that only the Devil himself could devise. I ended up contacting the States Attorney General where I live and where Visible is incorporated, only then did my problem get resolved (they couldn’t get my phone to stay active on the service). At one point they changed my phone number without my permission and I awoke to that on a Saturday as my first email. Their chat agents have ZERO capability other than to read the website to you. There appears to be a mystery team of REAL ENGINEERS sitting behind the agents who the chat agents worship and make offerings to, all along the way promising “I’ve got your back. We’ll get this fixed, no worries” and other platitudes. They are a BLACK HOLE of customer service.

I really believe now Verizon created Visible solely to make people think paying double is worth it.

Horrible, awful, lousy, stinky, no good company.

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visible service instead of at&t

i have 3 phones with AT&T. I switched 2 over to Visible using 2 different emails, which sucks all by itself.
I tried to move the third over. After i did my email verification I could not log in. it said it didnt recognize the info. Visible only has a useless chat. i went to messenger and got a human i think. they can not reset my password so my service is in limbo. Visible cust service is not much better than AT&T.

I’ve had visible for a year and a half and have never had a problem with them. I had a new iPhone that had an issue and I thought it was them, but it was the phone. I got that fixed and it’s been great for me. Their customer service is online chat, but even then, I never went without service. And I’m saving a lot.

I have been a Visible customer for several years, my bill is $25 a month for unlimited everything and that does include the hotspot. I use my hot spot a tremendous amount of data every month as of right now I am 3 days into my billing cycle and have used 14.8GB and I consistently use well over 200 GB a month and have never had problems with it slowing down. Although since they “upgraded the network” earlier this year I have had problems with the network dropping that rarely occurred before. When they had the swap program for phones I would have told you if you had an older phone to swap it was worth it, now however if your phone isn’t compatible and you don’t have a big phone budget, in my experience with both of the phones they are offering for purchase and bill credit back now instead of the swap. You can pick them up in many big box stores or on Amazon for a tiny fraction of the price. If you want or expect anything close to decent customer service I highly recommend looking elsewhere. I keep my service with them for a few reasons quite frankly the Verizon network where I live is the absolute most reliable and having the same network coverage and reliability at a tiny fraction of the price and the truly unlimited hotspot. One final thing is their refer a friend program is amazing! At least 9 or 10 months a year my bill is only $5.

You are right the customer service is absolutely HORRIFIC!!! I keep my service because I am grandfathered into the original visible plan and I use so much hotspot data its worth the $25 although most months I end up with a $5 bill when a friend who I ALWAYS am honest about them and where they are lacking up front.