Mint Mobile Customer Service

I decided to try Mint Mobile as a secondary service (with a new number) to test coverage and try 5G (Verizon doesn’t have it in my area). There is online confusion about my particular version of phone and whether it can take an esim or whether I must order a physical sim card. Turns out I have to get a physical card. I had online activated my Mint account with esim so needed to call today to speak with customer service. Others had said to chat instead, but I called the toll-free number.

I was on hold for about 2 or 3 minutes and got an agent with a slight accent. I have to admit that I was a bit concerned as I don’t do well with accents and have done customer srevice myself. However, the agent was very easy to understand, spoke slowly and explained everything in detail.

I am keeping my Verizon sim in slot 1 and adding Mint in the second slot. I will be able to switch between services at will and want to test out coverage at my Sisters cottage. She is literally a few Verizons there are few carriers and not much else there.

I like Mint customer service. They are in the Dominican Republic, by the way. I’m holding on my original $15 a month plan for as long as I can. They want to entice people off of it by offering unlimited data, but then eventually they will raise the rate.