Issues with travelers insurance

I had a trip planned for Hawaii in March and got travelers insurance through My son got a respiratory infection the day before leaving and the airline recommended we cancel the trip so we wouldn’t be on the flight with a coughing kid. We went to the pediatrician and got the form filled out they required. I got the cancel for any reason insurance.

So I cancelled the trip and put in a claim. I sent in the required paperwork and they have been very slow to respond. Initially they said they were 6-8 weeks behind on claims and would get back to me, I called a few times and they said it was in process. Every time I’d call, the wait time would be 30-45 minutes.

Anyways, this week they sent me an email saying my claim was denied because I needed to cancel at least 2 days prior and my refund amount math was different than theirs. I replied back to the email and got the response that they are very behind on claims and will get back to me eventually. I fear I may not hear a response for at least 4 weeks.

I’ve been trying to call but the hold time is over an hour now. I was on hold for 90 minutes yesterday and had to hang up because I had to go to work. I am currently on hold for 100 minutes and have to get to work in about 10 minutes. Not sure what my next step would be. I feel like I got a rejection just because they don’t want to pay the claim.

File a complaint with your state Department of Insurance.

Check with your local small claims court and see if the amount you are seeking is with the limits of their system and if so file suit in SCC assuming the claim is not subject to mandatory arbitration.

If subject to arbitration then file for arbitration.

I talked to the insurance company and they said I needed to file a written appeal. I submitted a claim with the state insurance dept. I will submit the appeal and see where it goes.

Thank you