Airline flight delay impacts travel / compenstaion (Yellowstone trip impacted)

On a recent vacation the airline (AA) delayed and delayed our flight due to mechanical issues until we missed a day or our trip and had to spend the night in Chicago (layover). We were very frustrated because of all the uncertainty the communication was so poor. The customer support folks had not idea and were not allowed to talk to the mechanic department to give any useful update, just delay, delay, delay. This cost us an non-refundable night and a lost day of vacation.

I remember a while back Clark taking about who to best contact with the airline to get the most compensation possible. On family we were traveling with received 10,000 miles which I though was useless and minimal when compared to the cost of the hotel room missed. I was going to try and contact customer support as well as the COO and the director of Customer Care but wanted to see if other have had any experience with this and what I should expect from the airline?

We eventually made it to our vacation and it was great but we lost a day and had to pay for an expensive hotel we didn’t stay in.


If you paid by credit card, does it include any travel insurance?

Thanks a good suggestion…I will check.

Good idea but nope…nothing covered by my Visa.