How to Get a Credit from Turkish Air

In January of 2020 I made a reservation to go to a conference in Croatia in May. The conference was cancelled due to COVID, and all flights cancelled anyway.

I did not want to request a refund because everyone was sure life would resume quickly. Also, I felt sorry for businesses like the airlines and did not want to cause them hardship by demanding a refund at the worst time.

But since then I have tried to call Turkish Airlines and never have been able to talk to a human. I sent a letter to their New York corporate office requesting either a refund or a credit, and they never replied.

What recourse do I have against this airline, if any? A Delta pilot told me that remedies against foreign airlines are very limited for US citizens. I am out over $3,000 in airfare!

You can also ask them to help.

can you get back cancelled NorthWest Air ticket just before Delta took them over? They never even gave NWA miles! Time to re-regulate air

Thanks jimtoo but the e-mails listed for Turkish Air are non-functional!