Additional benefit of InsureMyTrip

Just want to add to the benefits mentioned in this week’s InsureMyTrip article. A benefit I was able to make use of was InsureMyTrip acted as an advocate for me when the insurance company had a mix up with my total coverage. InsureMyTrip assigned me a case advocate who got the problem resolved in a day. Overall, I was able to get the cost of my rescheduled business class flights and my son’s 2 day hospital stay fully reimbursed within two weeks of filing the claim!

My husband and I are big travelers and have been using for years. We love to be able to compare plans side by side. Unfortunately, we had to use the insurance for significant issues over the last several years. One time, my husband was hospitalized in Sydney, Australia. The insurance we selected on their site paid for 2 weeks in the hospital in Sydney, lodging for me while he was hospitalized and medical evacuation home to the states, with a nurse, when he was able to travel. The insurance company was easy to work with, compassionate, efficient. I am not sure how I would have gotten through the whole situation without the handholding of the insurance company.


What insurance company and which specific plan did you use?