Confused about buying travel insurance coverages

After reading several posts about travel insurance on this site, it sounds as though one can pick and choose what parts of insurance to purchase. (I’m struggling to word this correctly, so bear with me.) In the past, I’ve always just purchased an entire package…trip, medical, baggage, delay, etc…because I thought that was what I had to purchase. However, it sounds like I can just ask for trip and medical, for example, and not all the other parts. Am I correct? We are taking a cruise and I have a few more days to purchase to stay within that “14 day from the day of deposit” limitation.

We started with the insuremytrip web site. The site provides general information about the available coverages; comprehensive, medical, evacuation, cruise etc.and what is included in each category. Once you decide on a category or categories that you want than you can search specific plans in that category of coverage. If you prefer talking to an insurance broker try the

Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to answer.