Recommendations for Travel Insurance - Trip and Medical?

Seeking recommendations for the best international travel insurance to Asia. Both trip insurance and medical insurance.

We do international travel generally 2 months a year and have been using Geoblue for our medical insurance. We also use Medjetassist insurance to which covers transport to a U.S. hospital regardless of medical necessity if overseas hospitalization were to occur. We have not had any problems with Geoblue covering claims. We used the website insuremyrtrip for our initial coverage search.
We have not been doing trip insurance but another popular site for all types of travel insurance is the tripinsurance store. The past 2 years we have used the tripinsurancestore for our two insurance applications.

For travel…I rely on my Chase Sapphire card protections. I have used this for a baggage delay claim in the past. For medical…we have purchased from Insure My Trip in the past…but I have never actually used the policy.

I have never taken Travel Insurance before. Should i consider getting one?

It depends a lot on how you view risk.

My wife and I traveled internationally 3-4 months every year from 2003 thru 2018 and self-insured for both health and travel risks.

We kept $10-20K contingency funds in a separate and financially isolated (not linked to any other accounts,) checking account and carried with us checks and ATM/Debit cards for that account.

We also had one or two family or close friends we kept advised where and when we were traveling so that if we needed additional funds or help they could assist us.

I had only two health issues during that time and received medical services for a serious staph infection in NZ which was very cheap, (less than $300USD) and on a return from the SP on another trip had to stop off in LA for a one-week hospital stay which was covered by my normal health insurance. Other than that we had no other health problems except a few run-of-the-mill gastro-intestinal bouts which were more or less running challenges and resultant excess laundry expenses.

You should consider either obtaining medical insurance or having an organized self-insurance option to cover the risk of a major accident or health event while travelling.

Some friends have purchased a travel insurance policy for the year and not a specific trip. What are your thoughts on this?

We generally do two overseas trips each year so it has been cost effective for us to purchase an annual policy.

I used my Chase Sapphire card for travel and luggage ins and used Insured my trip medical for a couple trips. Never had a claim. Check reviews for people that had claims. Everyone can give 5 star reviews if they had no claims. It’s how they treat you if you have a claim that matters.

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What companies offer these?

I think you are asking about annual policies. Multiple companies offer annual medical policies. As mentioned in earlier posts, insuremytrip or the tripinsurancestore are good sources of information.

Thank you!

any recommendation?

We use Geoblue. The process to get 2 claims covered was simple.