How can I hear Clark Howard podcast using my Amazon Alexa?

I used to be able to just say, "Alexa! Play Clark Howard podcast and it would stream via I Heart Radio. I set up Alexa to play “I Heart Radio”, but still no Clark Howard. Help!

When I ask my system “Play the Clark Howard SHOW” it plays it through Apple Podcast.

I still listen the old fashioned way. I go to Clarks podcast page: Clark Howard Podcast
and download the MP3 file. Then just use the MP3 player on your phone. I’m not sure why we need to use all these apps for a simple thing.

Clark’s show is on the Google Podcast site in the “Business” group. Because my car has a Google operating system, I get it there by saying “hey Google, play the Clark Howard Podcast.” You can skip the commercials by saying “hey Google, skip ahead two minutes,” or repeat something you missed by saying “hey Google, go back a three minutes.”

Well, we use these app so that we don’t have to download the podcast. I usually listed to Clark when I am in the tub, then pause it and continue the podcast in the bedroom while I am dressing. If I have time before leaving the house, I have Alexa continue the podcast in the living room.

I do download episodes using PC software so that I have a permanent copy which may disappear from the Web.