Clark's TV Show

Anyone know how to find Clark’s TV show? Have been searching on his sites with no luck. Figure this shouldn’t be this hard and would be more prominently displayed!

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Go on YouTube and in the search bar enter “Clark Howard podcast”.


@GearMaven It’s our YouTube Channel! Here’s where to find it:

We’re just video recording The Clark Howard Podcast episodes, so that you can either watch it on YouTube, listen at Clark Howard Podcast or listen on your favorite podcast provider.

But he often mentions on his podcasts, which we listen to daily, that he did something for TV in particular. I’ve also seen his special TV appearances on various news broadcasts on something like that special city in Florida which had hardly any hurricane damage since particularly built with sustainability in mind. Wanted to find more of those kinds of TV appearances and was sure they’d be linked somewhere. Not same as the podcasts. Thank you.

Ah! Unfortunately, we don’t have links of his TV appearances. Depending on your market,
you may be able to find them on your local WSB TV affiliate news broadcast’s website (search Clark Howard). Or see many of his Atlanta appearances here with a “Clark Howard” search: About Us | WSB-TV – WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta

Hope this helps! :green_heart:

Surprised, but thanks for the search suggestion. Will do as time permits. Might consider adding an index of them to hos site as the few I’ve found were really interesting! Thank you.

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