Stitcher podcast platform is shutting down

Where can I find a free place to listen to Clark? I don’t have any Apple products. I don’t want a monthly subscription fee, nor enormous amounts of ads which interrupt continuously. Thanks!

I have been using pocket cast for the past few years to download and listen to Clark.

The Clark Howard Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

I ask Alexa to play the Clark Howard Show and it is using either Apple Podcast or Amazon Music (both free).

I use Podder which automatically goes to this Clark site and downloads all available podcasts to my PC as MP3’s.

You can use this site to listen to various podcasts by reading their content description and listening through your browser.

Perhaps if you donate a million dollars to Clark’s favorite charity, he would stop by your place and do a show live… I dunno :slight_smile:

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I just go to Clarks own website and download the MP3 file. I use an old cell phone just for playing podcasts. Plug it into the “Aux” in my car and listen.

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