No offense, but I think it's at least kind of unfortunate that

…callers generally don’t get a chance to speak with Clark Howard himself over the phone anymore.

I felt priviledged to speak with him on air a few times and have a question on the podcast.

I also have met him twice (once at Perimeter Mall with his Toys campaign) and once when a co-worker drug him through Costco to meet his “Biggest Fan”.

The biggest deal was when he mentioned I was able to beat his $199 price airline ticket Atlanta to Honolulu. Little did he realize that would be the beginning of my great adventure.

By the way, I always thought that he would be great as Jerry in any movie about Seinfeld or that Jerry would play Clark in his life story! I think they both could pull it off.

Agreed…I do miss the live callers…however he took way too many calls about the same scams in slightly different forms.

I’d watch it if you’d commit to playing the role of Kramer… :nerd_face:

Oh if only I had that hair!

I liked his work ethic… :sunglasses:

We completely understand your concern! We switched to the format of Christa reading questions for Clark to respond to in order to increase the number of questions we can address in each podcast episode. We greatly value your feedback and will definitely consider ways we can efficiently answer questions from live callers in the future. We hope you continue to listen to Clark’s podcast!

Maybe try a one day a week (or every 2nd week) that you take live callers. Or a periodic weeklong marathon of them…