Fireflies 2022 Do you expect to see some?

Hi all!
Does anyone here live in area that has fireflies?

Weird science factoid… apparently California has the same flies but they don’t light up…

I would like to travel and see the lighting up fireflies…… bucket list thing
I don’t need to see the famous synchronous fireflies… just something
like I saw in Glen Ellen IL circa 1970 and St Louis MO circa 1997…

If you have them… about what month do they show?

Many thanks in advance for any intel!

Saw a bunch a couple of weeks ago, which is unheard of this early in the year in north Ga. Usually in the middle of summer. Also they are normally only a few feet off the ground, these were 20-40’ up in the air. Weird. Maybe alien lightning bugs.

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As a child i saw lightening bugs in Texas, and years ago as an adult i saw them in Nebraska. But I’ve never seen any in Arizona…

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Growing up in Massachusetts, as a child would catch the fireflies and put them in a glass jar with a few holes in the lid. Would release them after a couple of days.

I am now in North Carolina, have them here but they are not as plentiful.

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