Nature Uses Electricity to Fly

Do you sometimes see threads of gossamer in your yard? It’s a sign that spiders have been ballooning.

Ballooning spiders use electricity to fly, sometimes for hundred of miles!

So that is how they span a few yards across a footpath with a web I bet. When I hike and camp, the next morning the trail may have a few threads of spider silk across it from branch to branch. I always scratch my head how they can “jump” 5 feet or more to connect the branches.

Y’all must have not read “Charlotte’s Web.”

(Although the electricity is new to me.)

Sometimes you run into insects in the most unusual places. One time while flying at 6,000 ft altitude in Alaska I ran into a huge swarm of flying aphids. They covered my windscreen to the extent I had to land a clean them off.

It looked like someone had thrown a gallon of cream of asparagus soup accross the front for the airplane.