2024 Solar Eclipse

I predict ridiculous traffic April 8 2024 in New England.

The 2018 eclipse had crazy traffic. I didn’t live near totality so I travelled to the border of NC/SC, but inland – there would already be too many tourists at the beach areas.

I would recommend viewing the eclipse but then save travelling back for the next day if you can.

Note-- this will be the last solar eclipse viewable from the US for a long time!!

For the upcoming April eclipse, I don’t live near totality, so I was thinking of traveling to the Cleveland, OH area - never been there, it’s near totality, and I want to see the “Christmas Story” house, among other site-seeing!!

I have to get new viewing glasses – not sure if the old ones are still any good, and I don’t want to find out the hard way that they aren’t!!

As I have gotten older, these things are neat to see but I can also pass. I have seen my share of eclipses and meteor showers. In fact recent meteor showers have been busts because of clouds or rain. Also it is cold (at least for me). I have a moon roof I can see through in the truck, but as I say, been there done that, seen them (they didn’t offer a t-shirt).

I have seen 2 Shuttle launches up close, been next to items that went into Skylab. I have seen many passes of the International Space Station.

I was lucky to have seen the promotion of NASA to have my name and email on a chip on Perseverance which is currently on Mars.

A friendd is going on a 22 day cruise that will see the eclipse near Mexico and then it comes to Hawaii. I will experience this eclipse through his stories, photos and videos.

In the 1970 or 1972 eclipse I saw in North Carolina was almost clouded out but the sky opened just in time.

With that all said, I do wish you and the others who have the opportunity to see the eclipse to go do it and I hope the weather holds for you.