Delivery to the wrong address

Curious, when a package is mis- delivered and FEDX shows the picture, as a consumer can you require them to send you a copy of said picture?
If I recall the cordinates of where the picture was taken are encoded and could’ve used to validate it was not delivered.
I just responded on Next-door to someone who has a picture of their package on someone else’s porch!

I can not answer your question.

Last Wednesday there was a package on my porch. Yes I was expecting something by fedex. This was too large and heavy for my package, and it was addressed to my neighbor. I called and had to leave a message.

Friday morning I called my neighbor again and left a message. Friday evening my neighbor calls and says they received a package for today me delivered by fedex and would bring it over and pick up their package.

We swapped packages and had a nice conversation.

Makes one wonder what are the requirements for a fedex delivery driver.

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Accountability for FedEx delivery people seems pretty low. I had a package misdelivered last year and calling FedEx about it was a complete waste of time. I don’t think I was ever able to talk to an actual person. Two weeks later when my neighbor got back from vacation they brought my package over.

All the FedEx drivers in my area are contractors.

Our local FedEx delivery folks are better than our USPS mailpersons.

Mail is frequently delivered to the wrong address. Last week i received a notice blaming me for utility construction (over which i have absolutely no control), and that mail would not be delivered when construction vehicles blocked the box. First, they coukd have walked the short distamce from my next door neighbor’s box, but… Second, the construction vehicles were in font of my house VERY briefly, maybe 10 minutes (Iwas outside most of that time, and never saw the mail truck.) The construction workers are always polite, and move their vehicles to accomodate if asked.