I am surprised many people don't know about USPS's Informed Delivery free service

I tell co-workers about Informed Delivery and they just get the confused don’t care look. We have been signed up with it for at least 5 years now. All you need is an e-mail address to have the daily mail actual photographs show up in your inbox.

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I’ve used it for years. Very helpful.

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Amen. Used it for years. Love it.

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One issue is this: I have a mailbox at the street where this works well. I also have a P.O. Box at the Post Office which is listed as ‘Business’ because I used it for shipping for my business. Informed Delivery does not work with ‘businesses’.

I know a Postal Clerk and should ask him if I can change the business tag associated with the PO Box, since that is where all my Amazon and important stuff goes to.

Informed Delivery is great, but doesn’t do much when your letter carrier is too lazy to deliver the photographed items. And no, we’re not talking about bad weather days.

You can tag it as not received. Complaints get action, especially if they are frequent from multiple people on a route.


I love it. We have a steep driveway so when we have a package delivered we know to go up and check the mail. Unfortunately if its a large pkg the carrier will bring it down but I still have to go up to get the regular mail.

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Usually, the missing mail will get delivered the next day from my experience.
What’s funny and actually is true is that my kid got a jury duty failure to appear summons preview in my email but the actual card never arrived in the mailbox.

I’ve been using it since it started without any negative thoughts.

I’ve used this for sone time and love, love it! Thanks for posting about it. Its free and so easy!

I’ve been using it since it was first offered in my area. It’s not perfect in that I often get pictures of items that don’t get delivered on the day they are scheduled. It’s really helpful when we are out of town and have a hold mail in place, to see what to expect when the hold ends…

It turns out that listing a P.O. Box as a business is not the best thing when you are a small business. I didn’t understand the nuances 20 years ago when I did that.

A business PO Box means that you cannot get Informed Delivery. I assume they are concerned with who can see the inbound mail and perhaps grab it before others in the company get it. Also, it involves who actually manages the box and can make changes, etc. Because they assume it is a larger company, mail forwarding is an issue. I am thinking that some companys can set up a forward for employees who left and the company doesn’t have to do a thing then.

So even though I have a 2 small businesses (I am the only employee), I found I can list those businesses on the form and still say I am a residence. Then I can finally get Informed Delivery and know what mail and packages are arriving.

One drawback with remains is that certain Amazon deliveries always seem to appear here on Saturdays. Our delivery to my Post Office is early but not all mail gets put up by noon when they close the PO for customers. There are lockbox/pickup boxes outside but packages from Amazon often are kept inside and are scanned when handed over the counter. Thus I have to wait often until Monday to retreive them. My streetside mailbox only gets a few envelopes because it is not in a very convenient place no secure. I cannot have packages worth any money delivered there. FedEx and UPS will deliver along our Private road (7 farms share that road) but USPS does not. For FedEx and UPS, I have a plastic covered tub at the top of the driveway as my driveway is long and large vehicles will cause damage or need 4-wheel drive. So far all this works for me as long as I don’t have to wait for Mondays.

Been using it for years and highly praise it. Don’t expect same day delivery of scanned items - scanning may be done some distance away.

A great use is to help track down undelivered mail. I keep a file of scans that haven’t been delivered so that I can go to local postmaster or to sender to get a replacement.