The Post Office

Clarks recent podcast spoke about the post office and their needing to handle packages, etc.

There was a time way back where there was a test (don’t know how much further it went) whereby the following could happen:

A customer could bring in (or have sent in) documents whcih would be scanned and transmitted to the remote post office where it would be printed onm a giant HP page printer, put in an envelope and delivered. Because it was handled internally, the P.O. I guess could certify the document as scanned. Thus house closing documents and other legal items could be sent directly the same day and no fax was used.

If the system was to be used also for junk mail, a junk mail company could send a single file with the document and a list of recipients and the Post Office would send the file to specific Post Offices. The recipient would still get the junk mail but the Post Office would eliminate all physical handling. Essentually it would be a large email service, which most of us now have avaiulable to us with just an email service.

I have heard that there are some companys that offer a similar service but have not seen it mentioned lately. They would supply thing like utility bills and things into your email.

Maybe with the prolification of personal email this service is not as necessary.

I can’t see a need for that type of service now. Too easy to simply attach a file to an email. If the files are too large there are websites that facilitate the transfer of very large files.

I agree that email would be prefered but there are still things which cannot. The original idea was that mail still sent through the Post Office could have that ability but would not have to be manually transported.

NOLO.COM: " In the majority of states, you can serve papers by sending them to the defendant via certified mail with a return receipt requested. In some states, service by certified (or registered) mail is one among several ways you may serve papers."

I recently had to serve notice that I was suing him via registered mail (not email) with return receipt. The whole process took almost two weeks because I’m not on the mainland. Once the recipient was served by mail, he creates an online account and the rest of the legal process was done online.

Very common for landlords to use registered mail “return receipt requested”. They often need proof a tenant received eviction notices, accounting for security deposits, etc. Otherwise tenant will say they never got it.

I live in a 300 unit senior condo building. This month the maybe 40 monthly Costco booklets were all piled in our mailroom with the addresses carefully deleted. Building denies doing it. Tried to call post office with no luck. It had to be the post office that did it instead of delivering them as they are normally in our individual mail boxes!!!

Good point. In my 2022 years of owning rental property…I have had to do that twice.