Mail bill statements instead of online

The post office is hiring people fired from McDonalds!! We get other people’s mail. U cant complain to the PO cause its a government job. They are not getting fired. I only mail certified and only if I have to. Yes, agree the internet is not safe either - but neither is the post office.

Try looking at things from your mail carrier’s point of view, they are people with a challenging job. It requires reading and interpreting information that may be hard to read, damaged or misplaced by the system up to the point where they have responsibility to figure out what to do with it.

All this occurs in the heat of time demands to get the job done as quickly as possible. They are rarely given much encouragement for doing the job and are quickly criticized when they make a mistake. It’s pretty much a thankless job with few rewards.

Why not try leaving a a compliment with any information they could use to get the misdelivered mail to it’s proper recipient? If everyone did that we’d have happier mail delivery workers and better mail service.

Making someone’s workday more pleasant is easy to do and doesn’t cost anything… it may help your day too!

I disagree with Clark about paper statements. Nothing will make me enable those again ever

I think Clark’s stance is that you should have at least the most recent statement available on-site. Getting it in the mail, downloading it or printing it all serve that purpose.

lori can you please cite your source of information on this (hiring fired McDonald’s workersm etc). I’d be interested in where the data came from. Thanks.